One day I was browsing a catalogue about 70’s American advertising and between the brown interior design and the men with mustaches I found a creepy page promoting land phones with very peculiar shapes; one of them was the Mickey Mouse phone. I didn’t make any effort to camouflage the original design but I have drawn it simply as it was in the advert. Then I created a single color screen printing from the drawing but it wasn’t enough. I needed to send the image back to the 50’s in order to create a very unique pastiche made from different style decades. I have blown up the spots of the screen printing mesh in order to empathize the 50’s comic effect and then I applied a couple of colors as in a offset print.

The sentence “I choose my friends very carefully” printed on the side of the illustration is supporting the irony of this work. Land phones are today part of a sort of communication archeology but to me they also represent a time when making a call was a matter to plan carefully.